Is Glass Allowed?

No. Never. Duh!

Are we allowed to bring outside Food/Alcohol into the campgrounds and venue?

Yes, just no glass bottles or containers. We will not have a bar on-site, this is a BYOB event. 

What is the camping & car situation?

Camping will be the same format as it was in previous years. You will park your cars in a designated parking lot and will be shuttled onto the music & camping venue. There will be NO cars allowed in the campgrounds or the venue!

What's the deal with RVs?

We are will have limited RV passes that are made available at a later time and announced with plenty of advance notice. ALL RV SPACES WILL BE PRIMITIVE. WATER & DUMPING IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND MUST BE DONE OFF SITE.

Are Dogs Allowed at the Festival?

Dogs and other animals are not allowed at the festival. We ask that you respect this rule! There will be a list of local community overnight shelters that we will direct you to if you neglect to adhere to this policy.

Is there running water for drinking/showers/bathrooms?

Water stations will be available & refilled consistently near all the stages & throughout the camping areas, a map will later be released detailing these locations.. There will be portable toilets throughout the entire venue, a map will later be released detailing these locations. We are currently looking into options for portable showers which will be sold in a bundle or by single showers, more information will be made available in the near future.

How Do You Transfer Tickets? 

ALL TICKETS THIS YEAR ARE Print-At-Home, this means your ticket was sent to you in a confirmation email shortly after purchasing it online. If you're having problems finding your confirmation email, check your Spam folder and your Trash.  We STRONGLY recommend not purchasing Print-At-Home tickets from a third party since we can't guarantee your entry if the ticket is fake or previously used. 

Where do I buy ice?

Ice will be available for purchase at designated locations on the venue, a map will later be released detailing these locations.

Are we able to have Fires at the Campsites?

We will adhere to the local fire code and if the fire risk in the area is low during our weekend, fires will be permitted but only in designated fire rings. All firewood must be purchased on-site. Transporting firewood also transports insects; Emerald Ash Borer being the main suspect.

Will there be cabins available to rent for the festival?

There are currently no cabins on the premises. Some options will be available at future Infrasound events on the grounds, but not for the 2017 festival.