Where do I apply?
Apply here.

What if I filled out an application on the old platform?
We are streamlining our process to make the volunteer program run smoothly for everyone.
All of the applicants who applied through our old website application will be contacted and redirected to fill out our new application.

How does the volunteer deposit work?
Infrasound’s Volunteer Deposit acts as protection to the festival if volunteers do not show up to their shifts. 
The deposit is equal to the gate price of $250.
Deposits are made as a PayPal transfer, sent as “Friends & Family”. Every deposit must be sent as Friends & Family over PayPal. If a deposit is sent as a regular PayPal transfer, it will be denied and you will be prompted to send as Friends & Family.
Deposits are refunded to volunteers who satisfactorily complete their shifts. After your shift ends, you MUST check out with the Volunteer Coordinators at the HQ on site. IF YOU DO NOT CHECK OUT, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR DEPOSIT!
Deposits will be sent back via PayPal transfer within 15 working days to volunteers who successfully complete their shifts.

Can I pay the volunteer deposit in cash or otherwise?
Unfortunately, no, deposits MUST be paid via PayPal F&F transfer.

Can I refund the ticket I already bought and volunteer?
Unfortunately, no previous ticket purchase refunds will be administered. Volunteers MUST pay their deposit in full in order to participate.

When are confirmations sent?
All applicants will be contacted with further information about their shifts, the check-in process, etc in the weeks prior to the event.

What responsibilities do Infrasound volunteers have?
Read each team description listed here.

What is the full time commitment?
Volunteers must be available for 14 hours of shift time between Monday 7/16 and Tuesday 7/24.
This covers both event build, during event, and event tear-down shift options.
In the application, if you do not choose at least THREE (3) days as options for your shifts, you will not be selected.

How are shifts and teams scheduled?
We take your preferences and availability into consideration when we carefully craft the volunteer schedule. We do our best to meet your requests, but due to the high volume of applicants, we may not be able to make all requests happen. We appreciate your flexibility!

OK, so what’s in it for the volunteers?
In exchange for working their FULL schedule of shifts, volunteers receive:

  • The obvious: A weekend pass to Infrasound!
  • Access to Infrasound Volunteer HQ with snacks & water
  • The $250 deposit back after satisfactorily completing all shifts

What’s the drug and alcohol policy?
If any member of the Infrasound staff or Volunteer Management Team believes a volunteer is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol and cannot perform their assigned tasks, the volunteer will forfeit their deposit and relieved from their shift immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS!

What if I miss my assigned shift?
If you do not check in at Volunteer HQ/show up to your assigned shift on time/make it to the festival, you will forfeit your deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS!

What are the next steps in the process after applying?
Alll applicants will be contacted in the upcoming weeks.
Selected applicants will receive their volunteer package with further instructions (sent much closer to the event). 

What if my question wasn’t answered here or I have other suggestions/comments?
You can contact volunteerinfrasound@gmail.com directly with any questions :)