Drug/Alcohol Policy
If any member of the Infrasound staff or Volunteer Management Team believes a volunteer is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol and cannot perform their assigned tasks, the volunteer will forfeit their deposit and relieved from their shift immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Medical Emergencies & Safety
As representatives of Infrasound, volunteers are expected to report any health and safety concerns to the appropriate channels immediately.


Volunteers represent Infrasound while they are involved with the festival and play a vital role in the event’s overall success. Volunteers are expected to interact professionally and politely to all event attendees, artists, guests, and crew at all times leading up to, during, and post event.
Infrasound reserves the right to remove volunteers from the team who fail to meet the standards within this Code of Conduct & Volunteer application agreement.


Applying, attending, and performing your duties as a volunteer at Infrasound indicate your acceptance of the terms in this Code of Conduct.
Infrasound reserves the right to modify this Code of Conduct at any time.